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Spanish Wells is the town on small St. George's Cay. St. George's Cay is just off the northwest coast of Eleuthera. A small bridge connects Spanish Wells to its closest neighbour-Russell Island. Click here to learn more about the location of this beautiful island.  The population of these cays is made up of mostly white native Bahamians (many of which are descendants of the first British settlers from the 1600's or Loyalists from the 1700's).

Spanish Wells is a neat and clean little town with most homes sporting a fresh coat of pastel paint. Locals leave their doors unlocked; in this small, tight-knit community, crime is nonexistent. The local language is English, spoken with a somewhat British accent. Many of the people in Spanish Wells earn their living from the sea. These fishermen have the best reputation in the entire Bahamas for their skill at catching crawfish (spiny lobsters).

Spanish Wells has beautiful pink and white sand beaches, and water so clear that you can see your shadow on the bottom. Stretching from Spanish Wells to the northeast tip of Eleuthera is a beautiful barrier reef called the Devil's Backbone which is inhabited with an abundance of marine life. This area is fantastic for snorkelers, and fishermen usually find that grouper and snapper are plentiful in this area. One mile off shore, there's great sport fishing. There's world-class bone fishing on the flats surrounding the island. Boat rentals, golf cart rentals, fishing charters, snorkeling trips, cave tours, trips to nearby islands (such as Harbour Island) are available.

Spanish Wells has two supermarkets, two bakeries (you must try Bahamian homemade bread and Johnny cake), four restaurants (which serve native and American dishes at reasonable prices), a medical clinic, a museum, four variety stores, and you can purchase fresh conchs, fish or lobsters (in season) at the docks or marinas. If you'd like to explore the length of the mainland of Eleuthera there are tour guides available for hire or self-drive cars available for rent. Winter temperatures are generally in the 70's during the day and drop to the 60's at night. Summer daytime temperatures are generally in the 80's and drop to the 70's at night. Spanish Wells is not a "touristy" island. Arrive as guests and leave as friends.

"If asked to name a place in the Bahamas where pioneer blood is most concentrated, one would have to say Spanish Wells. Few Loyalists were attracted there, and the physical features of the all-white population reflect those of the Eleutherian Adventurers who waded ashore, a few miles away, three and a quarter centuries ago.

There is absolutely nothing like Spanish Wells in all the Bahamas today. A town of exquisite cleanness and beauty nestles beside a harbour which is a beehive of maritime activity. The fishing fleet, headquartered there, is the finest in the nation. Tourism has come to the island but plays a minor role. The 1,000 people who live there have raised themselves to a prosperous level by applying hard work to the oldest and most basic of Bahamian industries, fishing and farming."

Helpful Hints:
- Currently, Bahamas customs allow each visitor to bring in $100 of duty-free items for personal consumption. However, fresh fruits and vegetables are not allowed to be brought into the country.
- At Gene's Bay, there is a liquor store, usually open 9-5 except on Wednesdays (it closes at noon) and Sundays (it's closed all day).
It may be wise to stock up here before taking the ferry over to Spanish Wells.

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